Keenan Allen Forgot The No. 1 Rule of Saying You're No. 1

Keenan Allen.
Keenan Allen. / Harry How/Getty Images

Keenan Allen doesn't seem happy about being the No. 77-ranked player on the NFL Top 100 list. Apparently even more distressing to the Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver is his place amongst his peers. He's ahead of fellow standout wide receivers Allen Robinson, Cooper Kupp and D.K. Metcalf, but the list of wide receivers who have yet to be ranked (only 100-70 were posted yesterday) is long and distinguished.

Taking to Twitter to voice his displeasure, Allen tagged Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans and (the wrong) Chris Godwin as examples of wide receivers who are not as good as him. He admits they are faster but says his ability to create separation is what separates him from the best. The only issue is he didn't even mention the best.

The No. 1 rule of saying you're No. 1 is actually mentioning the players who are No. 1. Julio Jones, Michael Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins have been the first-team All-Pro selections at that position the last two years in a row and are objectively the best at their position. I suppose Allen knows he's not on their level so he went down to the second tier. Unfortunately for him, stats and accolades suggest he's wrong there too.

Evans has had more yards and touchdowns than Allen the last two years, Godwin topped Allen in those categories last year and Hill drastically outperformed Allen in 2018 (he missed four games with injury last year). Evans, Godwin and Hill have all earned All-Pro recognition, which Allen has not, and Hill played a crucial role in the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl last year.

Respect to Allen for believing in himself. He is one of the top 10 wide receivers in NFL and top 100 players in the league. However, he's not better than Evans or Hill (Godwin is debatable) and this isn't the best year for Allen to proclaim elite status.

The Chargers quarterback position will be occupied by either journeyman Tyrod Taylor or rookie Justin Herbert. Hopkins was able to succeed in that kind of situation with the Texans before Deshaun Watson arrived, but Allen has his work cut out to make big plays on an offense devoid of elite talent outside of him. If he does, he can tag me and remind me of how wrong I was. It would make sense if he did because, just like his mismanaged tweet, I'm not the best either.