We Are In Awe at the Sheer Size of Keenan Allen's Water Bottle

Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

Caleb Williams is participating in USC's pro day this afternoon, though there's probably nothing he could or could not do that would stop him from going to the Chicago Bears with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. But there's always a chance something changes so every team has a representative out there to see if the former Heisman Trophy winner who has been almost universally pegged as a generational quarterback is any good.

Also in attendance is Keenan Allen, who the Bears just acquired via a trade with the Los Angeles Chargers. The six-time Pro Bowler figures to be one of Williams' main weapons next year, along with D.J. Moore, in what is honestly one of the more attractive situations a top pick has been able to find themselves in recent years.

But enough football. That's not important. The thing to focus on is the size of Allen's water bottle. Just imagine for a second what you think about when you hear Big Water Bottle. We promise your expectations will be exceeded. Because this thing is insane.

Smart move all around from Allen. First, he's going to be as hydrated as the most committed person in a strip-mall Planet Fitness with that gallon jug. Not only that he can switch arms and get a legitimate arm and shoulder work out. Plus it's a conversation starter. Whatever it costs is money well-spent.