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Keenan Allen Questions Brandon Staley's Fourth Down Decision

Ryan Phillips
Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Chargers won a tight game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday that, frankly, both teams deserved to lose. It was one of the worst-coached games I've ever seen from two NFL head coaches. Apparently injured Chargers receiver Keenan Allen agrees.

Allen took to Twitter during the game and openly questioned Chargers head coach Brandon Staley's late-game management. Staley made yet another insanely dumb fourth-down decision that almost handed the Browns the game. If not for Cleveland's total ineptitude, the Chargers would have lost.

LA had the ball on its own 46-yard line, facing 4th and 1 with 1:13 left in the game and a 30-28 lead. The Browns had no timeouts and the always shaky Jacoby Brissett at quarterback. The obvious decision there is to pin Cleveland deep and make Brissett lead a long drive with the clock ticking. Instead, Staley decided to go for it.

The Chargers had gashed the Browns all game running the ball. Austin Ekeler had 173 yards on 16 carries and, as a team, they averaged 6.7 yards per carry. So what did Staley decide to do? He put Justin Herbert in the shotgun where he threw an incomplete pass to Mike Williams.

Allen couldn't understand the decision:

Luckily for Staley and the Chargers, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski is just as incompetent. Cleveland took over on LA's 45-yard line and needed 20 yards for a chip shot field goal. The Browns gained 10 yards on a pass to Amari Cooper, then completely fell apart. They decided to run Kareem Hunt wide for no gain instead of up the middle where they had been gashing LA. Then, for some reason Stefanski had Brissett throw deep down the sideline to Donovan Peoples-Jones when they just needed 10 yards for an easy kick. Then, on third down Brissett missed a wide open Peoples-Jones on an out route, because of court he did.

That left kicker Cade York with a 54-yard field goal for the win. Because he's a member of the Browns and they're cursed, he missed it wide right and Staley escaped his terrible decision-making.

Allen even admitted his coach, and his team, got lucky.

Allen and Staley might be having a talk this week.