Baseball Update: Cat Runs Onto the Field, Takes a KT Wiz


The KT Wiz have cooled off a bit after going on a prolonged winning streak to flirt with .500. Pitching has been a real issue with opposing teams putting up crooked number after crooked number with relative ease. In the first game of a home series against Doosan today, KT fell behind 10-1 before a furious rally brought the potential winning run to the plate in the ninth, before that man failed.

But enough inside baseball stuff. Let's check out the true highlight of the day: the kitty who ran onto the field and relieved itself down the right field line.

The feline friend took a bit longer than usual to corral because, well, ballpark personnel is a bit limited right now. Hope other cats don't see this and capitalize. Can't have the KBO outfields turning into de facto litter boxes. Not now. Not ever.