Kayvon Thibodeaux Was Sulking Alone on Sidelines During Giants Comeback in Week 2

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The New York Giants have underwhelmed to start the season, as have several of their big name players. I'm not sure anyone has been below expectations quite like edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux. On Sunday as the Giants tried to come back against the Arizona Cardinals, Thibodeaux could be seen sitting sulking all alone on the sideline, completely away from all of his teammates. Not a great sign.

Here's video a fan shot from field level and, be warned, the language is NSFW:

As the rest of the team is together and celebrating, the fifth overall pick from the 2022 NFL Draft is just in his feelings, sitting all by himself.

Thibodeaux has been a ghost to start the season. Through the first six quarters of the year he hasn't done much of anything.

That continued through the third quarter. He wasn't on the stat sheet, while even quarterback Daniel Jones had registered a tackle.

As a rookie in 2022, Thibodeaux finished the season with 49 tackles and four sacks. Underwhelming numbers given the hype surrounding him during his time at Oregon and in the lead-up to the draft. We'll see if he turns it around, but sitting by yourself is a terrible look while your team is trying like hell to avoid an 0-2 start.