Kay Adams Uninjured in Champagne Bottle Mishap


Harrowing news from the set of Up and Adams began trickling into the newsroom yesterday involving a champagne bottle mishap captured on camera that threatened to serve as a forever PSA about the dangers of popping bottles in the morning. It was a few tense hours as we worried that this had been the last birthday celebration of any kind for Kay Adams. Only after a proof-of-life tweet could we breathe easy.

It turns out that she's perfectly fine. Just the owner of a brand-new blooper and an idea on how to boost revenue for FanDuel. And Darius Butler was there to see the creative process play out in real time and in real danger.

Those things can be so dangerous. One minute you're planning to make a bunch of mimosas for your five closest friends at brunch and the next you're missing an eye. Champagne is a high-risk, high-reward proposition.

Not too dive too deeply into the media critiques here on a Friday but some of the headlines from around the web documenting this shocking accident are really underplaying the danger. And are super, uh, thirsty.

We're just glad she's okay.