Kawhi Leonard's New Balance Mask is Quite a Sight

Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard / Pool/Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard sat out the second half of the Los Angeles Clippers' back-to-back on Saturday against the Portland Trail Blazers. Some might say it's to help the Blazers scoot their way into the eight seed and give the Los Angeles Lakers a tough first-round draw, but that feels a tad unlikely. This is just some more load management action for the superstar, since the Clippers are firmly locked into the second seed and the games between now and the playoffs are just chance to get into rhythm rather than holding any real importance.

Leonard, of course, is at the game to watch his teammates take on Damian Lillard and Co. Not like he has much else to do. The camera panned to Leonard hanging out on the sideline, and his mask is... something to behold.

I mean, I guess I see the functionality. I imagine the springy cords makes masking and unmasking a slightly easier process than the standard affair.

It looks a little goofy, but that is because it's made for efficiency, not comfort or looks. Apparently New Balance began producing these masks to help with the state of Massachusetts' PPE shortage a few months back. Once that issue evened out, New Balance began selling them to the public this month, so Leonard is rocking his sponsor's gear.