Kevin Harlan Had Perfect Call of Kawhi Leonard's Game 7 Buzzer Beater

Kevin Harlan.
Kevin Harlan. / Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

You'll see a lot of people talking about Kawhi Leonard's series-winning buzzer beater against the 76ers today. That is because it's the one-year anniversary of the shot that sent the Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals, which they ultimately won on their way to their first-ever championship.

While the spotlight will justifiably be focused on the man who made the shot, some attention should be given to the man who called the shot. Because Kevin Harlan absolutely nailed it.

The set up was perfect: "Is this the dagger?" But the key to me was that Harlan, and analyst Greg Anthony, had the wherewithal to go quiet as the ball hung in midair after hitting off the front of the rim. The silence built the tension, a tension that grew from the stadium through the television set as we all sat there waiting for those eternal moment to pass and the ball to drop through the net. And then, when it did:





It was simply a magical moment and a magical call. So while you're watching Kawhi drain that shot about 10,000 times today, make sure to tune those ears to Harlan's call. He rose to the moment as much as Leonard did.