Katie Nolan Announces ESPN Exit

Katie Nolan
Katie Nolan / Getty Images/Getty Images

Katie Nolan's time at ESPN has come to an end. The personality announced her departure via her Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon.

Nolan joined ESPN in 2017 and immediately dove into the grander Le Batard universe, appearing on Highly Questionable and the Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz consistently in her early ESPN career. Her most successful venture with the Worldwide Leader was Always Late with Katie Nolan, which was canceled in 2020 amidst the early onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nolan has always had a creative mind for the crossroads of sports and humor, as reflected in her Sports Emmy win for Garbage Time, the program she ran while with FOX Sports. From the outside, it feels that she was underutilized by ESPN and by the end of her tenure was only making spot appearances on various podcasts under the network umbrella. Her appearances on Highly Questionable, especially, were great for the show.

As for what's next for Nolan, Meadowlark comes to mind as the obvious landing spot given her previous work and the speed at which the newly-founded company is amassing talent. But from the sound of her tweets above, she's going to take her time deciding what the next step will be.