Katherine Webb Jumped Off the 10-Meter High Dive Because She is a Courageous Hero in a Bikini

Stephen Douglas

Katherine Webb is brave and this is her story. Tomorrow night, Webb will appear on Splash, the second celebrity diving show of the television season. This weekend, Celebuzz got a hold of exclusive video of our heroine agreeing to be the first celebrity to go off the 10-meter high dive. It is a testament to the triumph of the will of man, but the video isn’t embeddable. So we turned in into six gifs because we know how highly everyone thinks of the use of gifs. With nothing but these six gifs of Katherine Webb and the written word I will pain you a picture so vivid that you will one day tell the story as your own. Let us begin…

“Who will go off the high-dive?” asked the diving instructor?

Ndamukong Suh? Kareem Abdul-Jabaar? Chuy from Chelsea Lately? Won’t someone step up? Nope.

Enter Katherine Webb – A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend steps forward. She takes off her robe to reveal her bikini in a similar manner to Clark Kent taking off his suit to reveal his cape. Our hero has arrived – and just maybe, she too can fly…

Upon reaching the top, Webb suddenly realizes what a dangerous undertaking she has… undertook? Undertooken? Undertaken! Her hands are shaking. Louie Anderson yells, “Be careful! It’s 35-feet!” That probably doesn’t help. Math seldom does in these situations.

Katherine takes one more look over the edge before  regaining her composure and realizing that she can do anything. After all, telling the state of Alabama that her one wish was for world peace instead of just yelling “Roll Tide” at a beauty pageant will always remain the scariest moment of her life.

“Uh uh. Uh uh. DON’T!” yells Kendra from The Girls Next Door. Louie Anderson’s quietly declares, “She’s crazy.” Despite these warnings, Webb takes the plunge… (Get it? It’s a diving pun!) … but will she survive?

Yes. Obviously. An audible gasp of relief comes from her fellow competitors as Katherine Webb ascends from the pool, victorious. She has proven yet again that the pencil dive is the most effective dive for any celebrity diving daredevil.

*Team America theme begins to play as video fades to black* The end.

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