Katherine Webb Filmed A. J. McCarron Freaking Out After He Won a UFC Video Game

By Mike Cardillo
Feb 20, 2014, 7:17 PM EST

Katherine Webb filmed her boyfriend A.J. McCarron absolutely losing it after he finally won what appears to be a UFC Undisputed 3. She seemed to be positively thrilled about this development writing on Instagram: “He FINALLY won and this was his reaction. Literally played 4 nights in a row. I died.”

I’m not going to judge McCarron since I once spent a solid eight hours trying to beat Mike Tyson’s Punch Out during my freshman year at college. That said, when I finally knocked Iron Mike out my high-pitched shrieking was at a slightly lower pitch than McCarron’s. Slightly.

There’s also no word on whether or not McCarron’s video game fighting prowess will affect his NFL draft stock.

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