Kanye West Likes Jewish People Again After Watching Jonah Hill in '21 Jump Street'


Kanye West has done a lot of things over the last few years and one of those is keep people on their toes. Firmly residing in the Tyson Zone, West has destroyed his reputation, standing and fortune with increasingly, uh, problematic words and actions of late, but he's also kind of been quiet for a couple weeks. Then out of nowhere he took to Instagram in the middle of the night and posted a picture of 21 Jump Street and said that watching Jonah Hill in the movie made him "like Jewish people again."

West's Twitter account remains suspended after he posted an "altered image of the Star of David with a swastika inside" on December 2nd. That was a day after he accused Kim Kardashian of having an affair with Chris Paul.

Maybe the weirdest part about all this is that 21 Jump Street came out in 2012 and Jonah Hill just had a new movie called You People released on Netflix about a Jewish guy and a Black Muslim woman falling in love and negotiating the cultural differences between their families.