Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder Eats Just One Meal a Day - Taco Bell's Fourth Meal

Stephen Douglas

Bill Snyder has been the head coach of the Kansas State Wildcats football team for the better part of two decades. Snyder retired in 2005, but returned to K-State three years later. As a 74-year old major collegiate football coach, Snyder doesn’t have many opportunities for a nice homecooked meal. So he generally eats once a day. That one meal is apparently fourth meal. Via ESPN:

"“One meal a day is accurate,” Snyder said Wednesday, during an interview at ESPN. “It’s not always Taco Bell. I like Taco Bell. But I eat at other places.”"

Man, being a football coach sounds awesome.

"“Taco Bell is open at midnight,” Snyder said. “[My wife’s cooking] is not.”"

Pretty obvious that’s why [My wife’s cooking] is coming off a record low fiscal quarter.

[ESPN, Getty]

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