Blood Stain Remover Becomes Clear Hero of Kansas-Kansas State Classic


Kansas State outlasted archrival Kansas last night in overtime. It was a tremendous scene in Manhattan as Wildcats head coach Jerome Tang took the court-storming to the fans instead of the fans storming the court because this is a legitimate program that has been winning big games with impressive regularity.

There's so much to talk about on the heels of a great contest but nothing is more important than the true star of the night: The stain remover used to clean blood off K-State forward Will McNair Jr.'s uniform. That thing did the job faster than a lot of teams get into their halfcourt offense. And it was really quite satisfying.

ESPN's announcing duo of Jon Sciambi and Jay Bilas were impressed. So many people at home must have been Googling where to get something this effective. These are the types of moments Danny Tanner dreamed of way back when. Sports and cleaning combining together and elevating the other.

What is the best way to remove blood stains from clothes? Well, you're on your own with that one because it's absolutely not something we feel comfortable having in our search history. Whatever that is, though, seems worth the money.