Kansas AD Jeff Long Is Using Flight Tracker To Dizzy And Confound Reporters


Kansas is looking for a new football coach, which means it’s that time of year when everybody gathers around the flight tracker sites and tries to guess who’s being interviewed.

This has been an effective form of snooping in the past, but Kansas athletics director Jeff Long seems to have pulled a fast one on everybody.

Check out these tweets from KU beat reporters.

The assumption most people are making about this is that Les Miles is the front-runner for the job, and the reason a Kansas plane went to Colorado Springs on Tuesday night was to meet with Jedd Fisch, a top Los Angeles Rams assistant.

(The Rams had been staying in Colorado Springs this week to acclimate to the climate in preparation for a game in Mexico — which has been moved to Los Angeles).

Whatever the deal is, it’s going to take a closer eye to figure out what Jeff Long is up to.