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You've probably seen a lot of Kaitlan Collins over the last few years. The journalist was tabbed as the new face of CNN when Chris Licht took over and skyrocketed up the ranks at the network to get a ton of screen time. Most notably she held a town hall with Donald Trump during the run-up to the GOP primaries. She was also chosen to be the co-host of CNN This Morning and was in that position from November 2022 until May 2023 alongside Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon before he was fired . CNN This Morning has since been canceled. Now, Collins is the late-night host for CNN, serving as anchor for a 9 p.m. ET news program titled The Source With Kaitlan Collins.

Suffice to say, Collins has gotten a ton of airtime and is only 31 years old. She seems primed to become a featured face in political news for the foreseeable future. It's time to get to know her because Collins is going to be around for a while.

What is Kaitlan Collins' Estimated Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Collins' estimated net worth is $5 million. As always with figure below a certain level of fame, this is not a concrete number that can be verified against something like a Forbes list. Still, the number makes some sense given how young Collins is and the forward-facing role she's earned this early in her career.






Kaitlan Collins

$5 Million


Prattville, Alabama

Political Journalist

What is Kaitlan Collins' Salary?

The natural follow-up to the net worth question is how much Collins makes working for CNN. Sources vary on an exact number because, similar to net worth, Collins' salary is not public information. But various websites indicate Collins makes between $2 and $3 million per year, as estimated by Equity Atlas and Celebrity Net Worth.

Kaitlan Collins' Early Roles and Career

As evidenced by her youth, Collins' rise in the political media sphere has been nothing short of meteoric. She got a job with the Daily Caller after graduating from the University of Alabama and led the site's entertainment coverage. Simultaneously, Collins was tasked with covering the 2016 election cycle. After Donald Trump was elected she was named the White House correspondent for the Daily Caller. She made several spot appearances on CNN to discuss the early days of the Trump administration before she was hired full-time by Jeff Zucker and CNN in July of 2017.

Collins stayed on the Trump White House beat for a few years. She was involved in one notable incident in which she was banned from a press conference for asking the then-president questions at a photo op. That ban did not persist after backlash from CNN and Fox News, and Collins was the network's White House correspondent for the 2020 election. After Joe Biden was elected, Collins was named the youngest Chief White House Correspondent in CNN history.

All that experience set her up for her move to television as organized by Licht in 2022.

What Are Kaitlan Collins' Notable Accolades?

Collins began to move up the journalistic power rankings, as it were, in the lead-up to the 2020 election. By that time she had become firmly established as the Chief White House Correspondent for CNN and was recognized by all across the industry for her work. As a result, she was named to Mediaite's Most Influential People in News Media list starting in 2018 and continuing to this day. Additionally, in 2019, Collins was part of Forbes' 30 Under 30: Media list. Most recently Collins' name was included in Variety's New Power in New York list.

Kaitlan Collins Has Over 1 Million Twitter Followers

Social media has become an inseparable aspect of reporting in today's age of instantaneous information and Collins has built up an impressive following in that regard. At the time of writing, the journalist has 1.2 million followers on Twitter (also known as X) and she tweets regularly throughout major political events.

Her other social media is not nearly as popular. Collins' Instagram page has 293,000 followers at time of writing. She does not have an official Facebook page, nor does she have her own personal YouTube or TikTok.

All in, Collins has something close to 1.5 million followers on her social platforms combined. Not too shabby.



Twitter (X)

1.2 Million



There's everything you need to know about CNN's young star of a journalist, Kaitlan Collins.