Jusuf Nurkic and Kendrick Perkins Could Be a Great Player - Media Member Feud

Jusuf Nurkic playing defense.
Jusuf Nurkic playing defense. / Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers evened their series with the Denver Nuggets with a 115-95 in on Saturday. Likely MVP Nikola Jokic had just 16 points. Blazers center and Jokic's former Nuggets teammate, Jusuf Nurkic, was a big part of that. After the game he told the press that "clowns" think he is the worst defensive player in the NBA. When asked to name names, he did.

That's quite a comment. And quite an accomplishment for Kendrick Perkins as he had a player call him out by name for a take. It was a valiant effort by Nurkic and the mascot line was funny, but Perk is comfortable enough with his playing days that he joked about averaging 3,000 claps per game in what appeared to be a heated debate a couple weeks ago.

Perkins wasted no time before going back at Nurkic on Twitter, posting a video of Kobe Bryant calling him the best post defender in the NBA. Not a bad reference to trot out.

Nurkic better hope he maintains this defensive intensity because if Jokic turns things around and the Nuggets send the Blazers packing, Perkins will be lobbing take grenades in his direction from all over ESPN's airwaves. As Nurkic proved, people are paying attention to what Perk says.