Justin Thomas, Sidney Crosby and the Boys Had a Dinner Straight Out of 'Always Sunny'

Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Smylie Kaufman has a new podcast for SiriusXM and scored Justin Thomas as his first guest. After an hour of golf talk with the reigning PGA Championship winner, conversation veered in an unusual direction: a recounting of a weird night out during the Spring Break crew's most recent, more responsible ride.

It all started with Thomas coming out of the restroom and recognizing Sidney Crosby and a few other of his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins on their postseason golf trip. One thing led to another and the two groups started doing the old mutual respect head nod thing only professional athletes can do across a restaurant.

Crosby's group was nice enough to send a bottle of win over to the golfers who decided the best way to return serve would be to ask a waiter if he'd split a Caesar salad eight ways as a return. Then it was just boys being boys sending things back and forth for comedic effect like some sort of Always Sunny in Philadelphia trip to Guigino's.

Full story at the 57-minute mark below:

The Penguins contingent sent over warm water shots with salt on the rim and Thomas' crew fired the final salvo with two percent milk shooters.

Just a classic example of dudes being dudes right there.

Thomas revealed that he tried to pick up everyone's meals but was rebuffed.

"They sent it back saying 'no, we know you missed the cut at The Masters so you probably shouldn't pay for this.'"

Then they all went back to Crosby's place, chose captains and picked teams for some high-intensity flip cup that saw Kaufman stare down a future Hall of Famer and win the head-to-head with a performance that would make all college freshmen proud.

See this is the type of stuff Full Swing needs to be covering in season two.