Justin Reid Insists He Was Still Right About Shutting Down Hayden Hurst Despite Losing and Apologizing

Justin Reid
Justin Reid / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid gave the Cincinnati Bengals a bunch of bulletin board material for absolutely no reason last week ahead of their Sunday clash. Reid insisted he would shut down Bengals tight end Hayden Hurst, but didn't actually say his name and mistook him for both Tyler Higbee and Tee Higgins. The Bengals responded dismissively, Andy Reid was a little mad about it, and Hurst said he wasn't the guy to piss off because he had a long memory.

Then the game actually rolled around and the Chiefs lost, 27-24. Reid was the subject of several lowlights at the hands of running back Samaje Perine, who ran over the safety every chance he got. Hurst had two catches for 12 yards in the first quarter but left with a calf injury and missed the rest of the game. Afterwards, Reid seemed to understand that he needed to take his medicine and apologized to reporters for the disrespect he showed Hurst by misidentifying him twice.

And then on Tuesday morning Reid bizarrely decided to tweet out that he was actually right about all the trash he talked. Even though his team lost. And the guy he claimed he was going to shut down was on pace for an eight-catch day before he got hurt.

I just... what??? How can you tweet out with a straight face "cry about it" when your team lost and you didn't even do the thing you claimed you were going to do? It is eerily reminisicent (as many things are) of a certain dril tweet you may be familiar with.

Talking trash is all good and fun but Reid is just coming across like a sore loser. He didn't shut down Hayden Hurst. Hayden Hurst's calf shut him down. Reid's team did not win. He was not right about anything. What an odd hill to die on.