Justin Fields On Unfollowing Bears On Instagram: Why So Serious?

Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears could have Caleb Williams with the first pick in the NFL Draft so that means they have to figure out what to do with Justin Fields. It is in their best interest to keep their real intentions locked away in a little room so they can extract maximum value from a team who would like one of those primo picks or Fields, who has shown flashes of being a quarterback who can win football games.

Recently Fields appeared to shed some light on the situation going on behind closed doors when he unfollowed his team on Instagram, which was enough impetus to drive hundreds of stories fighting for the same clicks. But apparently there's a very reasonable explanation for the social-media decision, which he explained on The 33rd Team podcast.

"Man, why do people take social media so serious?" Fields said. "I still mess with the Bears. I'm just trying to take a little break. I unfollowed the Bears and the NFL. I'm not just trying to have football on my timeline."

There you have it. The man just needed a break from football and was getting a jump-start on the process before March Madness. Smart.

This is shouting into the void but I would be happy to never see a Player X Unfollowed Team Y blog post again. There's a chance Player X is still messing with Team Y. So important to remember.