Justin Fields Was Not a Fan of Matt Nagy's Gameplan For His First Bears Start

Justin Fields
Justin Fields / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The new era of the Chicago Bears will begin in 2022. Justin Fields will lead the way in his first full season as starter alongside rookie head coach Matt Eberflus. This new era probably should've began last year, but Matt Nagy bizarrely dragged his feet on starting Fields, instead opting for the mediocre play of Andy Dalton until injury forced him to look elsewhere. Most notably, it took Nagy until nearly the end of the season to change the offensive gameplan to fit Fields' strengths.

This did not go unnoticed by the former Ohio State QB. According to his QB coach, that is. Ron Veal, Fields' quarterback coach since middle school, made an appearance on 670 The Score in Chicago and said Fields was "pissed off" about Nagy's strategy for his first official start against the Cleveland Browns in late September. Per Pro Football Talk:

“It was bad,” Veal said. “He took a beating that day. It was kind of crazy and weird at the same time. . . . I know he was a little pissed about it but I didn’t get an explanation. And I really didn’t ask because I know he was in a situation where he was really pissed off about it.”

The game in question was one of the worst offensive performances by a football team we've ever seen. Chicago mustered 47 net yards of offense. For the whole game. Fields got sacked an astounding nine times. It takes a village to fail that spectacularly, but the blame should mostly fall on Nagy's shoulders for his plan going into the matchup and an inability to adjust once things went south.

Fields is right to be mad about that. He was set up to fail in every way due to Nagy's incompetence. That's why Fields is still in Chicago and his former head coach is not.