Just A Few Logistical Questions on Donald Trump Saying Visiting the White House is Good Luck


The president is up and tweeting at a blistering pace per usual, weighing in on the topics of the day. One of them is the Boston Red Sox’ recent visit to the White House, one steeped in controversy as many of the team’s minority players opted to stay away while the white players attended in droves.

Boston is currently on a five-game winning streak, three of those coming after the White House visit. The hot stretch has moved the defending champions three games over .500.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Trump’s claims that visiting him is more productive than appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated are a bit dubious. The Golden State Warriors are showing no ill effects from not coming in for the photo-op. The Chicago Cubs failed to repeat after piling into the Oval Office.

But forget that part of it. Trump can beat his chest if he wants. It’s his way and no one should be surprised about it. The real question I have here, though, is this: when does the president believe the luck begins?

Is it right after the visit or do teams need to wait for the next season? This is pretty important. Also, does it just last a few games or is does it extend into perpetuity?

Now, my gut says Trump takes the credit for as long as the team is playing well then shifts the blame to someone else when it goes south. Just a hunch.

It seem like earning a good week in mid-May is small potatoes considering the only way the Sox put themselves in the situation is by winning it all a year before but, hey, what do I know?