Jurgen Klinsmann Got Videobombed by a Cow in Costa Rica

By Mike Cardillo

You’ve got to hand to Costa Rica. The Ticos are trying their hardest to make the U.S. National Team feel uncomfortable in the build up to Friday night’s important World Cup qualifier in San Jose. It feels like the entire Central American country is whipping itself into a revenge-fueled frenzy for the game.

This, however, might be taking it too far. Top Drawer Soccer unearthed this clip that’s taking the gamesmanship to absurd new heights. It’s one thing to force the U.S. to train with different balls all week, or slow down traffic to a crawl but this is comes close to stepping over the line.

During an interview U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann was videobombed by somebody in a cow outfit. By far the best part of the clip is the aggrieved U.S. Soccer staffer in the background trying to shoo the cow out of the shot. (Klinsmann has proved adequate at returning troll-fire on his own.)

All these pregame shenanigans probably ensures the game Friday night will be a snoozer.  [H/T TopDrawerSoccer]

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