Junior Galette Destroys Sean Payton and Former Saints Teammates in Twitter Rant


Recently released Junior Galette caused problems in the New Orleans Saints locker room, according to a report from the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Former teammates indicated that some of the friction was unrelated to his high-profile domestic violence situations, so much so that the team was ready to severe ties before the incidents became public.

"Galette was voted a captain by teammates at the beginning of last season. According to a source, Saints coaches were unsure about how such a move would go, but preferred not to step into the players’ affairs."

"Saints coaches and players quickly found out that Galette didn’t exactly embrace his new role the way some older veterans thought he should."

"“He thought being captain was more so about status on the team instead of being a leader on and off the field,” one source said."

"According to sources, Galette’s attitude changed after he received the new contract in September."

"A former Saints teammate told NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune of Galette: “He stayed focused long enough to get paid, then the real Junior came out. Sad.”"

Galette’s acrimonious departure got even messier over the weekend as he appeared to take over his girlfriend’s Twitter account to torch his former teammates and head coach, per a report from Canal Street Chronicles.

"Link to a gallery of all of the screen captures of #JuniorGalette meltdown: http://t.co/uAx4Z9w739 — One Angry Midget (@OneAngryMidget) July 26, 2015"

The barrage of tweets levy some serious and salacious accusations. There were no sacred cows spared during the outburst.

This is just a sampling. Check out the gallery above for the full scope of the meltdown. It’s an impressive monument to poor decision-making.

As amazing a move as taking a flamethrower to a young and promising career is, it’s even more astounding that this tornado of fury came after Galette had the good sense to delete his personal Twitter account. It’s as if he took Herm Edwards’ sage “don’t press send” advice to heart before having a change of heart.

The account belonging to his girlfriend has also been deactivated.

This could be the end of the anti-Saints social media blitz from the Galette camp. Then again, there could be more to come. Twitter won’t be running out of usernames any time soon so another installment is always a possibility.