Julie Conner From 'Hang Time' is Married to One of Her Former TNBC Teammates

Daniella Deutscher and Jay Hernandez
Daniella Deutscher and Jay Hernandez / Andrew Toth/Getty Images

During the 1990s, teens had their own special block of programming on Saturday mornings on NBC called "TNBC." This era followed the original Saved by the Bell, which is the only show to really survive as part of the zeitgeist all these years later. Still, there were other shows and young people stuck at home watched and enjoyed them. Call it Stuckhome Syndrome. Who can't relate to that right now?

One of those programs was Hang Time, a show about the Deering Tornadoes, a fictional high school basketball team. What sets this team apart? Their best player is Julie Conner. That's right, a girl! Crazy, right? Here's the original intro and the first scene which featured Alonzo Mourning.

Hang Time ran for six seasons on NBC. It should remain notable because Reggie Theus played the coach for three seasons and Dick Butkus played the coach for the last three. Plus, Anthony Anderson was there for a while. Hell, the cameos even include a very young Kobe Bryant. Look at that acting!

What actually prompted this post is the fact that Daniella Deutscher, who played main character Julie and was one of the only two people to appear on every episode of Hang Time, is married to Jay Hernandez, who currently stars in the Magnum, P.I. reboot on CBS. Why is this notable? Because they met on the Hang Time set. Here's the season five intro, featuring Hernandez in his first television role.

Now that you know this, I figure I should take you all the way down the rabbit hole I'm still stuck in. If you watch this final clip all the way to the end, the second-to-last name in the credits for season five is Phillip Glasser. In addition to playing Eugene Brown on Hang Time, he also voiced Fievel Mousekewitz in the American Tail movies. He hasn't acted since 2002, but then he randomly showed up as a producer on The War with Grandpa last year. See? I told you this was a relevant topic.