Joy Reid Caught on Hot Mic Criticizing Joe Biden: 'Starting Another F---ing War'

"The Big Payback" Premiere - 2022 Tribeca Festival
"The Big Payback" Premiere - 2022 Tribeca Festival / John Lamparski/GettyImages

Joy Reid was caught making a colorful comment on a hot mic during Monday's edition of MSNBC's The Reid Out. Reid introduced a clip of President Joe Biden talking about the border crisis, but no one turned off her microphone. After Biden was seen saying, "If that bill were the law today I'd shut down the border right now and fix it quickly. And Congress needs to get it done." That's when Reid jumped in to say "starting another f-ckin' war."

You can tell her mic was cut at that point because as she came back on screen the first word or two she was saying was muted. A few minutes later, she apologized, saying she likes to keep the show PG-13.

The good news is that you're allowed one F-word in a PG-13 movie so she didn't break any promises.

Now, if Reid really believes what she was caught saying on that hot mic - as a good number of Americans and MSNBC viewers might - hopefully, she can expound on that... on-camera. It's not like she's some random panelist who dropped an F-bomb. She's the host of the show and her name is in the title. It would make sense for her to be able to speak freely when she knows her microphone is on. Minus the swearing.