Josina Anderson: Ezekiel Elliott Won't Play for Cowboys Without New Contract, But...


Josina Anderson, around the four-minute mark of the video above, followed up on Eric Dickerson’s comments from Wednesday that Ezekiel Elliott will not play for the Cowboys without a new deal.

“Just yesterday, Eric Dickerson made the comment on the air that he spoke to Ezekiel Elliott’s agents and heard that Ezekiel is willing to to miss games,” Anderson said. “So just this morning, about 30 minutes ago, I spoke to sources and asked them Did you hear Eric Dickerson’s comments? What are your thoughts on that? Is it true?”

She continued: “I was told that Yes, it is true that Ezekiel Elliott is willing to miss games and he will not play without a contract and that he told the Cowboys this back in January. But I said The crucial question is do you think it will get to that point? and he said Not right now because we do think that Jerry Jones is gonna secure the bag for Ezekiel Elliott.”

There was a later back-and-forth where Trey Wingo tweeted the first part without the qualification that Elliott’s camp feels confident a deal will get struck (to be fair, he probably got an email about it as he was on the radio at the same time this segment was on SportsCenter, though it may have been during a commercial break), and Anderson clarified:

We can go on and on in circles about whether Ezekiel Elliott deserves to be the highest-paid back in light of the Cowboys’ cap issues in having to also pay Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, immense production clouded by persistent off-field issues, and the overall value of the running back position. And that’s to say nothing of contractual nuances of how much is guaranteed versus fake monopoly money of reported average annual value.