Josh Rosen to the Redskins Would be a Complete and Utter Disaster

Bobby Burack

As the moment the Cardinals are expected to draft Kyler Murray inches closer, the future of Josh Rosen remains as unclear as ever. Longtime ESPN insider Chris Mortensen brought up the possibility of a very unattractive destination emerging for the former UCLA quarterback.

The teams Joel Klatt brought up in the Josh Rosen trade rumors sweepstakes — the Giants, Chargers, and Patriots — all come with average-to-great potential for Rosen. The opposite has to be said for the fit with the Washington Redskins.

Combining the history of Redskins, and this tweet by Mortensen, has to have Rosen absolutely terrified at the moment. Few teams in the NFL are as dysfunctional as Washington and come with more obstacles for a quarterback to have success with. This current iteration of them is also filled up with a roster that is not equipped to complement any quarterback let alone one that needs time to develop like Rosen does.

Being able to sit behind and watch Alex Smith for one year in Washington would have been one thing for Rosen. Unfortunately, as a result of Smith’s injury, that is no longer in the cards.

This also raises the question if the Redskins should even want to make a trade for Rosen (we don’t know for certain that they do). He is coming off a rough rookie season and all the reasons he struggled in Arizona currently exist in Washington with the Redskins. If they were to make this move, it will once again bring attention to their quarterback situation that projects to end badly. Make no mistake about it, Rosen has the ability to turn this around with the right team, coach, and atmosphere. The talent is clearly there. But we are not looking at an Andrew Luck-type player who can reach his height anywhere. That is why a New England sure looks like the best option for Rosen and the worst option for 31 other NFL teams.

These Rosen rumors should be expected to continue until a trade is completed, but for his sake, let’s all hope they sound much different than this one does.