Josh McDaniels Has to Be Fired After Losing to Jeff Saturday and Baker Mayfield

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders blew a16-3 lead to the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night with less than four minutes remaining in a game where Al Michaels had already moved on musing about 2 Chainz. While Baker Mayfield and Sean McVay are going to spend the day getting praised, at least as much time should be spent blaming Josh McDaniels. There is just no way the Raiders can keep him as head coach after this. Even if it costs a pretty penny.

McDaniels blew a game to Baker Mayfield who was on a different team three days earlier. The Raiders also lost to Jeff Saturday days after he was hired to coach the Indianapolis Colts. People hadn't even finished laughing at his introductory press conference when the Colts beat the Raiders. Indy has lost all three games since beating the Raiders.

These are games you cannot lose. And McDaniels lost them both. Blowing fourth-quarter leads in both. They have blown four fourth-quarter leads in total and seven of the Raiders' eight loses have been in one-score games. In four of their games they've had at least a13-point lead.

McDaniels has to take the blame. The Rams would not have been able to make that comeback last night if not for a stupid penalty when Jerry Tillery slapped the ball out of Mayfield's hand after a Maxx Crosby sack. This is the kind of undisciplined thing you don't see on well-coached teams. Can you imagine Bill Belichick putting up with this kind of play?

Then there's Derek Carr. The former Pro Bowl quarterback who turned in the stat line everyone expected from Baker Mayfield last night: 11-for-20 for 137 yards and two touchdowns. Carr had 11 passing yards in the fourth quarter as the Raiders failed to put the game away.

This has to fall on McDaniels, who at this point is just the best example of why it's okay to hire Jeff Saturday. There's no salvaging this season. There's no way McDaniels is the one to turn things around. There's only the possibility to see more unthinkable losses pile up.