Josh Hamilton, Still Battling Relapse Demons, Seen Drinking at Dallas Area Bar [UPDATE]

By Jason Lisk

Hamilton’s last reported relapse was in January of 2009. Last year, he battled injuries for the AL Champion Rangers. He also dealt with the Shannon Stone tragedy when he threw a ball to a fan, who slipped and fell to his death, and later, Hamilton caught an emotional first pitch from Cooper Stone.

Alcoholism and drug abuse is a rough battle, and here’s hoping this is just a minor hurdle and Hamilton immediately gets the help he needs.

[UPDATE: Via reader Matt, here are two tweets from females this week who claim to have been at a bar in Dallas with Hamilton and his teammate, Ian Kinsler. The Dallas Morning News did not name the bar Hamilton was allegedly at, so there’s no way to confirm their story. And neither tweet confirms Hamilton was consuming alcohol, either.]

[photo via Getty]