Josh Gordon Spending Sundays in "Hot Box Detox" According to Press Release


Josh Gordon was denied reinstatement by the NFL earlier this month after he apparently failed another drug test. On Sunday he posted the above picture to Twitter, promoting a Los Angeles spa. I would not have known, but the visit was apparently worthy of a PR e-mail blast. Let’s take a look!

"“I want to do the red light therapy booth and Hot Box Detox sauna with yoga,” Gordon was overheard saying. “I’ve done just about every type of workout and recovery. But I’ve never seen anything as unique as what Planet Beach West LA has.”"

That’s a pretty incredible thing to say within earshot of a PR rep. While we take a moment to wonder how smart it is for Gordon to be associated with something called “hot box detox,” it was important enough for there to be a Getty photographer there.

According to the release, Gordon also made appointments for “multiple Sundays -the day of the week it’s closed to the public for private events and VIPs only!” I guess he doesn’t have to work that day.