Josh Gordon Fails ANOTHER Drug Test, Faces ANOTHER One-Year "Banishment" from NFL [UPDATED]

By Rob Perez

Yes, Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle please!

This is why Josh Gordon cannot have nice things…

…like second-chances.

After a tedious appeal process re: his year-long suspension for the SAME EXACT infraction, Josh Gordon not only did it again — he got caught…again…

This failed drug test is the latest in a long line of setbacks for Josh, whose future in the league may be officially dunzo.

Gordon would have likely been suspended for the entirety of the 2014-2015 season, but was able to return after 10 games — all thanks to the NFL’s revised drug testing/punishment policy — which began last season. After getting a reprieve/shortened-sentence from the league office, Gordon then ended the season by getting suspended for the final game, at Baltimore, for violating team rules.

The dude just doesn’t get it. Between Gordon and Manziel, the Browns are officially a shitshow. Will I stop watching them on Sundays? Hell no. The Browns are the NFL equivalent of that car crash you can see developing from hundreds of yards away … you want to shield your eyes, but, ultimately: you can’t help but watch.

Most importantly: One day, I hope to love something as much as Josh Gordon loves smoking Marijuana.

UPDATE (4:27 PM EST): There are now conflicting reports that the failed drug test is re: alcohol, not marijuana. Stay tuned for further updates as the story develops….

UPDATE (4:29 PM EST): NBC Sports/ProFootballTalk reports that Josh Gordon has “tested positive for alcohol” [NBCsports] — and will face the 1 year banishment for this specific drug, not marijuana…

UPDATE (4:32 PM EST): Regardless of the drug that was involved, I still think Josh Gordon is an idiot.