Josh Allen Hits Crossbar Throwing From Knees 50 Yards Away, Is Not Shying Away from Kyle Boller Comparisons

By Jason Lisk

Josh Allen is not shying away from Kyle Boller comparisons. Boller, who was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2003 Draft, famously bragged at the Combine that he could throw a ball 50 yards from his knees. At his Pro Day, he reportedly did just that. (I found this old message board posting from March of 2003 talking about it).


There were no camera phones or Snapchat back then, so the legend lives on. But now, Josh Allen can just snap a video of himself hitting the crossbar from 50 yards away.

Boller’s name was among those who came up in this previous post, looking at production of first round quarterbacks their final college season. Boller and Allen were among the quarterbacks who averaged under 7 yards per pass attempt. Boller definitely fit the strong-armed prototype that teams wanted, as demonstrated by throwing a ball 50 yards from his knees, but his questions were always about productivity versus tools. Josh Allen will be trying to answer those same questions.