Josh Allen Does Ricky Vaughn Impersonation During Senior Bowl Drills


Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield are providing the most interesting quarterback contrast at the Senior Bowl in quite a while, as both are in consideration for teams wanting a quarterback in the first round. Both have their risks (Mayfield’s size and whether his productivity will transfer to the NFL, Allen because, well, the production in college doesn’t match the hype and scout drool marks).

Both are on the same team in Mobile, being coached by the Denver staff, and partaking in drills today. Here’s one filmed by Nicki Jhabvala, showing Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen doing some footwork drills then throwing to a target about 10 yards away. This one definitely merits the “wait for it” tag.

That net just wasn’t used to catching passes thrown that hard! Allen is angling to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns, so major props for doing an homage to Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn, who starred for the Indians in Major League. As Bob Uecker might say, that was “just a bit outside, he tried the corner and missed.”

And yes, it’s one throw in a drill. Given concerns over Allen’s accuracy and plenty of reporters who were there yesterday describing his accuracy issues against air, though, it’s not nothing. I’m putting chest-pass guy as the favorite against Allen in the Dr. Pepper Challenge.