Jose Mourinho Pulled John Terry at Half, Called Man City's 3-0 Win Over Chelsea a "Completely Fake" Result

By Jason Lisk

Jose Mourinho did his thing after Chelsea’s 3-0 loss at Manchester City, minimizing the opponent and generally being abrasive. He claimed that Chelsea was the better team “for sure, for sure” in the 2nd half, and called the 3-0 scoreline a “completely fake” result.

He also went on to claim that Man City should have been down to 9 men by the end of the match. (Diego Costa had to be restrained going to the locker rooms at the half, after taking an elbow).

Mourinho also removed captain John Terry at the half.

Early speculation was that Terry had picked up an injury, but after the match, Mourinho confirmed that it was a managerial tactical decision. “I’m the one who gave John Terry a chance at Chelsea,” Mourinho said of removing Terry, who was never subbed during last season’s championship year.

Two weeks in, and expect this to be the “sky is falling” storyline for the next few days, as Chelsea has one point in the first two matches.