Jose Alvarado On Phillies Broadcast: 'I Feel Like a Fat Boy, I'm F---ing Fat'


Spring training rolls on and it won't be long until the teams pack up all their gear and head up north for some baseball that actually means something. But hey, any hardball is good and NBC Sports Philadelphia had the honor of broadcasting this afternoon's Phillies-Pirates tuneup. The score never really matters in these things but it was 11-2 in the bottom of the sixth when the booth linked up with fireballing southpaw Jose Alvarado for a freewheeling conversation that occasionally touched on mature themes.

Like being a grizzly bear, feeling like a fat boy and being f--king fat. And the announcers were loving it because where else on the planet could you have such low-stakes fun on a sunny Monday afternoon?

Alvarado is listed at 6-foot-2 and 245 pounds which means there's probably even more of him than that to love. He's been a major weapon for the Phillies, appearing in 20 playoff games over the past two seasons and getting the job done more often than not. If that's the way he feels and that's what he wants to convey in the clubhouse than more power to him. Someone else will have to pay the fine here, if there is one, so let it fly.

Any kid watching should be in school anyway so it's sort of on them anyway.