Jose Altuve Overcame His Shyness, Let Reporters See His Tattoo

Jose Altuve, tattoo-haver.
Jose Altuve, tattoo-haver. / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Jose Altuve did not want his teammates to rip off his jersey following a walk-off homer in last year's ALCS.

The very shy former MVP was apparently concerned people, including his wife, would see an in-progress tattoo. A bad one. It was an explanation met with shakers full of salt as allegations raged that Altuve and other Houston Astros hitters wore buzzers, a claim that was vehemently denied.

Internet sleuths dug up this picture of Altuve from two-plus months' previous and no tattoo is present, which doesn't really prove anything but fueled even more fire.

Perhaps in a response, Altuve took it upon himself to disrobe in front of baseball writers this morning so he could show off the ink, which exists.

So there you have it. Altuve got a tattoo at some point between July of last year and today. And it says Melanie. This gives a bit more credence to the excuse given but, again, does not mean the buzzer thing is fully debunked.

Since snapping photos of shirtless players is frowned upon in the locker room (don't find out the hard way), the public at large will have to wait to see this ink. If the Astros are smart they'll run some promotion where the first 10,000 fans get a print of said tattoo. Or, even better, a replica press-on tattoo of their own.

Just a free idea there for a franchise looking to turn lemons into lemonade.