Jordy Nelson Says Aaron Rodgers Gave Back-Up QBs Male Stripper Thongs for Christmas

Ryan Glasspiegel

Jordy Nelson was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show. Given last night’s destroyification of the Bears, the Packers receiver was in good spirits. Patrick asked him if he was getting Mike McCarthy a present for his 51st birthday today, and Nelson said no. “I treat everybody equally, so I don’t get anyone gifts,” Nelson quipped. Eventually talk turned to gag gifts, and Nelson said that most of the ones Aaron Rodgers buys for teammates might be too inappropriate to talk about on-air.

“Last year [for Christmas] — I don’t know if I can explain it — it was an undergarment for men who might wear it if they were a stripper,” Nelson said.

“So it was a thong — a kind of Magic-Mike-type outfit?” Patrick wondered.

“Kind of — yes,” Nelson replied. “And my question to him was, ‘Did you actually stand in line to buy that, or did you buy it online?’ And he told me he stood in line, which I still don’t know if I can believe.”

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