Jordan Spieth was Once Disqualified from a Tournament for Throwing His Putter

By Michael Shamburger

Jordan Spieth was once disqualified from a tournament for throwing a club. GASP! It’s hard to imagine Spieth losing his cool on the course, but we’ve seen him show some frustration during his last two rounds while missing cuts at The Barclays and Deutsche Bank Championship.

Spieth’s club throw came when he was just 11-years-old. He was playing in a tournament and told of a time when he lost his temper and slammed his putter into his bag, bending the putter.

"“I think I made three birdies in the last six holes with a bent putter, and I was so excited about it,” Spieth said. “I was telling my dad after the round, ‘Look, I bent my putter, I finished with three birdies, I’m still in this thing.'”"

Spieth went on to finish the tournament and was pumped that he had done so well with a bent putter, but his dad had contacted the assistant pro at the club without his son’s knowledge. The next day, Spieth was called into the assistant’s office and was told he was disqualified.

"“And they opened the rule book and it showed disqualification,” Spieth said. “I was just absolutely torn apart.”"

Brutal, but it worked. Spieth has been cool and poised on and off the course all season…while he was winning, but it seems he’s still got a little bit of a temper.

We’ll get back to you when he pulls a Rory, John Daly, or Tiger Woods impersonation out of his bag.

[HT Golf Channel]