Jordan Jefferson Ranked 315th out of 315 Players at the NFL Combine, According to [UPDATE]


Jordan Jefferson’s college career ended with a fumble, an interception, and a meek 53 yards passing in a 21-0 loss to Alabama in the National title. Last weekend, Jordan Jefferson partook in the NFL combine and bombed. The former LSU QB was so bad, ranked him dead last among the 315 participants.

"“Jefferson has serious mechanical issues that affect his play,” said. “He lacks awareness in the pocket and tries to rely on his scrambling ability too heavily, causing him to take bad sacks. There are many fundamental elements of Jefferson’s game that need work before he would be ready to run an NFL offense.”"

Bobby Hebert is nodding in agreement and still stewing that Jarrett Lee didn’t get a crack against Bama.

In case you’re wondering … Andrew Luck had the highest overall score at the combine per [Shreveport Times]

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