Jordan Hamilton Punched Steven Adams, Got Ejected


Jordan Hamilton of the Nuggets was unhappy with a step-out screen that OKC’s Steven Adams set, so he took a swing at the rookie. And that swing connected. You can’t really tell in the video above, but in the GIF below, you can see the face of Adams noticeably move. A referee was right on top of the play and Hamilton was ejected.

Pretty impressive of Adams not to react and continue to jog downcourt as Hamilton glared at him. Adams has been a pleasant surprise so far for the Thunder, averaging 15 minutes a game. He was drafted in the lottery, but when his name was announced, Thunder fans groaned given the up-and-down nature of Adams’ career at Pitt, and because he’s part of what they received for James Harden, who is one of the best players in the NBA.

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[GIF via CJ Zero]