Jonny Gomes Home Run Inadvertently Recreated a Moment From the Old NES Game "Bases Loaded"

By Mike Cardillo

Newsday baseball writer Marc Carig posted this excellent mash-up of Jonny Gomes’ three-run homer off Seth Maness Sunday night in the World Series and the old NES game, “Bases Loaded.” The resemblance is uncanny.

“Base Loaded” doesn’t get the 8-bit love of its contemporaries like “RBI Baseball,” “Baseball Stars” or even “Little League Baseball.” One noteworthy feature from “Bases Loaded” was you could charge the mound after being hit by pitch. In fact it might be the only baseball game where you can do this, unless I’m mistaken.

If memory serves the best hitter in the game was the Philly slugger named “Oko.”

The NES version did not include, thankfully, beard tugs. I’m sure an 8-bit recreation is only a few days away should the Sox win the Series.

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