Jonathan Villar Slid into the Butt of Brandon Phillips at 2nd Base, and Now We Have the "Butt Tag"

By Jason McIntyre

Jonathan Villar of the Astros tried to stretch a single into a double Tuesday night, and as he slid into second base, the ass of Brandon Phillips was waiting for him. Villar, in perhaps the most awkward slide ever, came in head first and his face ended up pressed against the rear end of Phillips. It remained there, embedded in Phillips’s backside, for a moment while he was called out by the umpire.

The ignominy.

Does the “Butttag” suffice? Or if the three T’s in a row look silly, perhaps “Butt Tag” would work?

You’re off the hook, Mark Sanchez.

Well, not really, but this is funny.

And Buttwipes will be adding Brandon Phillips to their roster of pitchmen in 3 … 2 …

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