Jon Snow at a Dinner Party Should Get You Even More Excited for Game of Thrones Return


In 2015, let’s work under the assumption the only goal of late night television talk shows is to create easily scaleable segments that can be passed around the Internet the next day and or “shared” on social media. Ideally, Facebook. If said segment can be churned into digestible #blog content, all the better. Don’t believe me? Head to Google dot com (a search engine website) and look for the term “John Oliver NCAA.”

Content is content. The sands continue to pass through the hourglass, 140 characters at a time. Rise, embed, repeat.

Allow that to serve as a reasonable explanation as to why I took 10 minutes of my Tuesday to write up and post this Late Night with Seth Meyers clip of John Snow at a Manhattan dinner party which has zero-point-zero to do with sports. (Maybe it falls under the media banner. Maybe.) If you like Game of Thrones — a big if — you might enjoy it. I laughed. I also liked seeing Lutz from 30 Rock make an appearance. Sue me.

I’d also imagine now that’s its been posted on The Big Lead dot com (and probably every other site on the Internet), this Game of Thrones show will finally break through and achieve some sort of cultural relevance.

Thank you for your click. My nonexistent wife and kids than you for your patronage.

Pageviews are coming.

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