Joker Phillips: Florida Football is a Rainbow, Whatever That Means


Florida WR coach Joker Phillips, of Instagram fame, tweeted a picture of a rainbow over Florida’s practice, claiming it summarizes what Florida football is all about. What does that mean? We have no idea. This is weird and cryptic as his photoshops. But here are a few guesses.

* Sunlight is fun. Florida’s offense is an ominous cloud that refracts and distorts it.

* Florida, like the rest of college football, is careening, heedlessly and deliriously, toward still greater pots of gold.

* The present is drudgery, but Will Muschamp is building a bridge to a new world with wide receivers and Harry Potter. He promises it will never get this ugly again.

* Florida football: summoning malign spirits since 2005.

* Florida football: it’s not boring. It is just incomprehensible to you, because you have not reached the right stage of nirvana.