Johnny Miller Apparently Believes Rory McIlroy is Worried About "Tight Shirts"


Johnny Miller doubled down on his fiery take on Rory McIlroy’s gym work during the fourth round of The Open.

Miller had this to say about McIlroy:

"“I think he overdid the weight room, personally. I don’t think that helped him at all. I think [the] same thing with Tiger Woods. You just get carried away with wearing the tight shirts and showings off their sort of muscles. You know, golf is a game of finesse and touch; you need a certain amount of strength. I just think you’ve got a little too much of that. You know? And maybe expect too much. When you have a good run you expect to win every week or be contending and it’s hard to do in this game.” "

Seriously? You think the guy is worried about how his muscles look in his shirt while he’s playing golf for millions of dollars? It’s 2016 and there have been many advances in not only technology but how athletes train and take care of their bodies. Miller, who cites Tiger Woods as the definitive guide on what not to do in the gym, appears to be trapped in a time when golfers didn’t care as much about being in top shape.

"Then he started working on his golf game, changing his swing to accommodate the Joe Palooka type of frame he had built by chopping trees and lifting logs in the off-season after he won the British Open in 1976. Miller, the kid with the dazzling blond hair, unassuming blue and the rawboned face, had fleshed out like a linebacker and was now wearing shirts with a size 18 collar. His muscles rippled and he was far less flexible than the slim fashion model around whom Sears had built an entire line of men’s wear."

So, about those workouts.

Tiger Woods: 14 majors, 79 PGA Tour wins, 40 European Tour wins
Rory McIlroy: 4 majors, 11 PGA Tour wins, 13 European Tour wins
Johnny Miller: 2 majors, 25 PGA Tour wins, 1 European Tour win