Johnny Manziel Was Out on Bourbon Street the Night Before He Was Kicked Out of Manning Passing Camp - Report [UPDATE]


Johnny Manziel has been at various times sick, and dehydrated, and a victim of oversleeping (until the afternoon) because his phone battery died on the Saturday that he was sent home from Manning Passing Camp.

Rumors & Rants, who first broke the story about Manziel being asked to leave before Peyton Manning tried to explain it away as illness, now has more details on what happened. According to their sources, Johnny Manziel was out on Bourbon Street. Someone who knew Archie Manning had already reported to the senior Manning that Manziel was seen at 4 a.m. in New Orleans, before Johnny Football finally showed up on Saturday.

[UPDATE: Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports has a source saying the Bourbon Street story is ‘100 percent BS.‘]

Occam’s Razor would dictate that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. New Orleans was an hour away, and there is no simpler explanation for why someone might miss an entire morning than this: Bourbon Street. (Yeah, I have a friend who we couldn’t find and who missed an entire wedding due to falling into the black hole of Bourbon Street, so him “oversleeping” and “being ill” and “dehydrated” are all actually likely true and incomplete tales).

Manziel, of course, lied when confronted about where he had been, and so now the story is that lying is something all twenty year olds do, just like partying and missing activities at a passing camp are something all twenty year olds do. Buddy Teevens, the former Tulane and Stanford head coach, apparently felt otherwise. He was the one who lobbied for Manziel to be dismissed from camp, because the other college quarterback counselors (presumably all around 20 years old) had managed to attend all meetings, while Manziel missed or was late to every one.

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