Johnny Manziel Reportedly Makes Headlines For Going Out, Again


If you’ve followed sports over the last couple years and you have an Internet connection then you know this much: Johnny Manziel likes to have a good time. There’s nothing wrong with this when it happens on New Years Eve — people are still allowed to have fun, right? Meanwhile the Spuds MacKenzie ‘Up for Whatever’ lifestyle becomes much more problematic when Manziel is allegedly hosting a “big party” on a Friday night before an NFL game against the Ravens that includes many Browns teammates.

The fact so many people have strong opinions on the Browns’ quarterback and his nightlife habits is, in-and-of itself, strange but a product of our modern media times. Anyways, Manziel (reportedly) went out to a nightclub in Houston named Dekan this past weekend — again, nothing wrong with a 22-year-old going out on a weekend night when the Browns season is completed, although (sadly) we don’t know if Colleen Crowley and her clothing brand were in tow.

Problem is, on Monday TMZ reported on Manziel’s night out with the following headline, “Drinks Thrown at Browns QB … at Houston Nightclub.” Details from TMZ include Manziel flipping off some people at the club (yes, there is a watermarked photo) who wanted to take pictures and it led to drinks being thrown at the former Heisman winner. Manziel also reportedly had to leave the club to change shirts before returning. Crazy story.

TMZ quoted a man named “J.R.” who works for the promotion company at the club saying:

"“I ducked and I looked at Johnny and we grabbed security and they ran us out of there.”"

So that’s the story from TMZ, apparently.

Later Monday, the ESPN Browns blog spoke with the same person quoted in the TMZ story from the promotion company in question, but the story by Pat McManamon identifies him as “Jay R.” From the ESPN transcript of a phone call with Jay R:

"“We get to our section and people are trying to take pictures. They were asked not to; the bouncers were telling people to put their cameras down. I mean, they all had their flashes on and were taking pictures. The bouncers kept telling them no, to put their cameras down. They’re telling Johnny they’re sorry. And out of nowhere a drink splashed on him. We were like, oh (no), and we immediately just got up and left the section, went out to our car and left.”"

Ok … so we have drinks thrown and drinks splashed.

More from ESPN on the incident:

"“It was something, but nothing of the caliber it’s being made to be. People always attacking Johnny.”"

Manziel went out. Maybe drinks where thrown. The facts aren’t exactly relevant.  Realistically, wherever Manziel goes in public at night is going to attract eyeballs and camera phones because … well … that’s how things work in 2015, People want to tell their bros in a Facebook status update that Johnny Manziel flipped them off at a nightclub and because of this, trouble seems to find Manziel — even if he’s engaging in normal activities for a 22-year-old, whether he’s an NFL quarterback or not.

The relevant point (if there is one) is that Manziel continues to make headlines and they’re not for his play on the field, which is fine for blog editors, less so for the Cleveland brass. Like it or not, given how poorly he played after taking over for Brian Hoyer under center, Manziel’s maturity will be one of the NFL off-season talking points although it probably won’t be treated subtly or with nuance.

And if you’re scoring at home this is two JFF posts on TBL in 2015 — neither about anything that have to do with football — and the year is six days old.

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