Johnny Manziel Photographed in Las Vegas Bathroom Appearing to Roll a Twenty Dollar Bill [UPDATE]


Johnny Manziel spent his 4th of July weekend in Las Vegas. [*UPDATE below] Because it is 2014, someone took a picture of him in the bathroom. Then they sent it to Busted Coverage. You might notice that Manziel is handling a twenty dollar bill in the bathroom photograph. What is he doing with that twenty dollar bill? Who knows for sure, but it appears that he is “rolling” the twenty dollar bill.


You know…

Well, I’m not going to say it. Somebody else can say it.

Oh, here we go. Mike Florio will say it. Via Pro Football Talk:

"Rolled dollar bills are often used for snorting cocaine and cocaine is often snorted in the bathroom of a nightclub. (At least that’s what they did in the ’80s. I’ve heard.)"

"We won’t speculate on what Manziel planned to do with the money, and there’s no evidence in the photo of any cocaine or other banned substances. And if anyone knows of any reasons why Manziel would be tightly rolling money in a bathroom, feel free to drop them in the comments."

Amazing. For legal purposes, I want to mention that no one here at TBL is speculating either. Just make sure to ask the nearest Cleveland Browns fan how they feel about Manziel’s “party lifestyle.” I’m sure they’re not sick of that yet.

UPDATE: It appears this picture was taken in Austin, Texas on Thursday, before his Vegas trip. The goods news for Browns fans is that he jet lag won’t be a factor this season.