Johnny Manziel Heisman Run Generated $37 Million in Media Exposure For Texas A&M

By Ty Duffy

How much money has Johnny Manziel been worth for Texas A&M? According to Texas A&M, the media exposure alone from his Heisman season was worth $37 million.

"The university recently retained the services of a renowned sports and sponsorship evaluation company to measure the media exposure generated by the football team’s historic finish and quarterback Johnny Manziel winning the 2012 Heisman Trophy. Research conducted by Joyce Julius & Associates ( shows that the redshirt freshman winning the prestigious trophy produced more than 1.8 million media impressions, which translates into $37 million in media exposure for Texas A&M. "

That figure does not count sales of No. 2 jerseys and other ancillary profits Texas A&M will make from this young man, who some think should be thankful to have a scholarship, for at least the next two years. Administrators still have not gotten around to covering $3,000 cost of attendance payments. Amateur athletics, everyone.

[Photo via USA Today Sports]